That one person

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Have you ever met that one person who just makes you feel…… Complete? Every time I see him a smile grows on my face. I look at him with such awe, how do I know someone this perfect? I savour every conversation and everytime we talk he listens to me. Every little thing he does it so sweet. Even when he remembers little things about me or the fact that when he sees certain objects I come to mind, it’s wonderful. That’s why they call it a crush. You love them with all your heart but they crush your heart in the end. Sometimes people are beautiful, not in there looks, not in what they say, just in what they are. If you knew how I felt, you would go crazy. The only thing that fills me before I go to bed is deep grunge, relatable quotes, sad love songs. I’m right there, and it’s like I’m invisible. I try to convince myself I no longer care about you, but I always end up thinking of you. My life is full of disappointments and your among many. Have you ever met that one person that just makes you feel…… Completely broken? 

My life story 😂